4 Benefits of Clear Aligners

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Clear Aligners have changed the way people think of teeth orthodontic treatments. Once upon a time, having your teeth straightened required you to wear traditional metal braces. While these devices remain one of the most effective ways to improve a person's smile, they are not exactly aesthetically pleasing.

That has been the primary reason why many adults have been reluctant to straighten their teeth. Most do not want to have to go about their days with huge metal brackets and wires sticking out every time they smile. Thanks to clear aligners, it is now possible to improve a patient's smile without having to compromise their appearance.

Benefits of clear aligners

1. A discreet treatment

As was mentioned earlier, with clear aligners, a person can have whatever teeth alignment issues they are dealing with addressed without having to worry about how it looks when they smile. The name says it all. Clear aligners are transparent mouth trays that work similarly to the way other orthodontic devices work. Trays apply constant pressure on the patient's teeth, pushing them into the proper alignment over a period of time.

Each tray is worn for about two weeks, then it is replaced with another that puts a little bit more pressure on the patient's teeth. The process is repeated until the patient's teeth move into the desired position.

2. Increased comfort

Patients who opt for clear aligners often report feeling little pain or discomfort. That is a sharp contrast to what people using other orthodontic devices report. One of the reasons why clear aligners are more comfortable is the fact there are no sharp edges on these devices or any other thing that can damage the soft tissue in the patient's mouth. The pressure applied to the patient's teeth is more specific since the straightening tray is customized for each patient. This means each tooth gets the right amount of pressure it needs to move it into the proper alignment.

With other teeth straightening options like metal or ceramic braces, the wires that connect the brackets are tightened to apply pressure on the patient's teeth. Since it is only adjusted every few months, it has to be tight enough to be effective for that length of time. The end result is usually a less comfortable fit.

3. Easy to remove

Another major benefit of clear aligners is the convenience of using them. These devices are easy to put in and remove, so patients can take them out for meals or when it is time to clean their teeth. This means patients can still enjoy all their favorite foods, even when getting teeth straightening treatments.

4. Highly effective

There is no point in getting any treatment if it does not give the patient the desired results. Clear aligners are not just a subtler way to straighten teeth; these devices are also very effective. Treatment periods can be as short as six months for some patients.

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