3 Reasons Metal Free Fillings Are Better for Your Oral Health

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Metal free fillings have not always been the preferred method that dentists use. However, more and more, this type of filling is commonplace in dental offices. There are cosmetic reasons why this is the case. These fillings blend in well with the other teeth and do not stand out like metal fillings. There are health benefits to having non-metal crowns as well. It is helpful to learn about these factors so that you can feel good about your upcoming treatment.

How to prevent cavities

Fillings are the most common method for treating cavities. Patients can have peace of mind to know that fillings can effectively relieve pain and discomfort. But there are ways that people can avoid getting cavities in the first place. Brushing at least twice a day with fluoride-based toothpaste will help significantly. This strengthens the enamel layer and keeps plaque and tartar buildup away.

Daily flossing is also a wise habit to develop. Flossing keeps the gums healthy and strong. This will also prevent bacteria from attacking the teeth. Using a mouthwash regularly can kill bacteria as well. Patients should visit the dentist’s office every six months for a cleaning. Plus, limiting the consumption of sugary foods and beverages will keep decay at bay.

Types of metal free fillings

When a patient needs a filling, the dentist may have multiple options. For non-metal fillings, porcelain and ceramic are often the first choices. Zirconia and glass ionomer may also be available. Dentists also frequently make fillings out of composite resin.

React well with the mouth and body

Metal free fillings adhere well with the mouth. The patient should have no difficulties biting down and chewing. These fillings should feel comfortable and not cause pain and discomfort. Patients rarely develop sores in the mouth from non-metal fillings. The patient should get used to the filling within a few days.

No allergic reactions

Metal crowns can be effective, but these have drawbacks. Aside from hindering the person’s smile by standing out in the mouth, some metals can cause allergic reactions. If a patient is allergic to a metal such as silver or gold, the consequences can be serious. Patients should also inform the dentist if they have such allergies. The good news is that with non-metal crowns, people should not have problems with allergies. This material provides safety and few, if any, side effects.


When a person has a filling, it is essential that it last for years to come. A weak filling can make eating painful. In such cases, the person may have to avoid certain foods. This can lead to an unbalanced, unhealthy diet. Metal free fillings should last for 10 years or more and withstand wear and tear.

Feel positive about the filling you receive

Fillings are the most common way to treat cavities. You can take comfort to know that metal free fillings are effective. Your smile and health can benefit from this care. If you have concerns about these fillings, talk to your dentist.

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