Ask Your Dentist These 3 Questions About Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures Albuquerque, NM

Dentists often suggest partial dentures as an affordable, minimally invasive replacement for missing teeth. They will make the recommendation after walking patients through all their options. To help you make an informed decision, a dentist will also answer questions about dentures. This should give you a complete picture of life with dentures.

How dentists fit partial dentures

First, the dentist evaluates the patient’s dental arch and remaining teeth. The dentist then extracts any teeth that are past saving and corrects minor issues in otherwise healthy teeth. They will reinforce the remaining teeth, making them strong enough to anchor the partial dentures. Next, the dentist will:

  • Take a mold of the patient’s mouth
  • Pick out the color of the artificial teeth with the patient’s input
  • Send the mold and instructions to the dental lab that will fabricate the dentures
  • When the dentist receives the finished product from the lab, they call in their patient for a fitting
  • If need be, the dentist uses their patient’s input to make final adjustments to the dentures

The dentist will send their patient home with instructions on how to care for their dentures. They will advise the patient on what to expect from life with dentures. The question-and-answer section here goes into more detail.

1. When are partial dentures a good idea?

Patients who have many healthy teeth in their dental arch are good candidates for dentures. A dentist will recommend partial dentures if the patient is unwilling or unable to get dental implants. Dentists also recommend partial dentures to patients who want a simple and affordable solution to their missing teeth.

2. Is there an adjustment period for partial dentures?

It takes a few weeks to adjust to a new dental appliance. A dentist will advise their patient to use the adjustment period to practice their speech. The person also has to relearn how to bite and chew with their dentures.

During this adjustment period, the patient will also monitor the fit of their dentures. They will visit their dentist in case of a poor fit that causes soreness or injury. Toward this end, the dentist will describe the warning signs that the person should know about.

3. What does caring for the dentures look like?

Oral hygiene is arguably the most important part of caring for dentures. For starters, a person who wears dentures should brush their gums and natural teeth at least twice a day. This goes a long way toward preserving the anchor teeth.

Just like natural teeth, dentures need daily cleaning. Dentists will give practical demonstrations on how to clean partial dentures. They will advise their patient to avoid wearing dentures overnight and suggest switching to eating softer foods. They will also recommend that the patient schedules regular dental checkups to keep tabs on their teeth and dentures.

A complete smile in a few easy steps

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