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A family dentist is a dental health professional that can provide services for children, teenagers, and adults. Although their focus is mostly on preventive dentistry, they can treat the large majority of oral care issues. Whether you are searching for a dentist to monitor your child’s dental development or are interested in treatment for yourself, a family dentist is a great choice to visit.

What services does a family dentist offer?

Family dentists generally offer diagnostic, preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and education services. Their goal is to prevent oral health concerns as well as treat any that do arise as quickly as possible.

Diagnostic services

Diagnostic services are a non-invasive part of dentistry that allows dentists to get a more complete understanding of the patient's oral health. The most common diagnostic services that family dentists perform are dental x-rays and comprehensive oral examinations, which are typically done on the patient's first dental visit. Regular oral cancer screenings are also encouraged for those who are at a higher risk of developing this condition.

Preventive services

The long-term focus for family dentists is to prevent oral health and functional issues from ever developing through preventive care. For adults, preventive care usually includes regular dental cleanings and check-up visits. For children, preventive care may also include dental sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of molars. Fluoride treatments are also available to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities.

Restorative services

Family dentists try to help patients prevent oral health concerns, but the fact is that dental damage and gum disease can still develop despite preventive efforts. From filling childhood cavities to replacing missing teeth in an elderly adult, family dentists can handle a range of restorative needs. Some of the more common services that are offered include cavity fillings, dental crowns, composite resin bonding, and fixed dental bridges.

Cosmetic services

A misconception that some have is that a family dentist is solely focused on the health of the patient’s smile and is not as helpful with cosmetic needs. However, many family dentists understand the importance of a beautiful smile, and many of them offer cosmetic services such as professional in-office teeth whitening and orthodontic services. Additionally, many restorative procedures (e.g., the placement of tooth-colored crowns) offer cosmetic benefits, as well.

Educational services

Since family dentists treat children and teenagers, family dentistry staff also work hard to educate younger patients and their parents on how to care for their oral health between check-ups and cleaning visits. This includes giving them insights on proper brushing techniques, how to reduce the risk of dental trauma, how foods and drinks affect oral health, and more.

Family dentistry service FAQs

Family dentists receive common questions about oral hygiene between dental visits. Here are three common questions that family dental practices receive:

What happens during a consultation visit?

A consultation visit with a family dentist offers a way for the patient and the dentist (as well as their staff) to discuss treatment goals and treatment options and decide on the best treatment plan possible. Restorative and cosmetic procedures are not usually scheduled for consultation visits, although some less invasive procedures (e.g., a dental filling) may be offered on the same day.

Does dental insurance cover family dentistry services?

Dental insurance typically covers almost all diagnostic and preventive services, and many policies also cover many restorative procedures as well. Cosmetic procedures are less likely to be covered by dental insurance unless they are necessary for the benefit of the patient’s oral health and ability to properly function.

How often should I visit the family dentist?

Most family dentists encourage their patients to visit once every six months for a check-up and dental cleaning; patients that are improving their oral health may be asked to visit every four months for a dental cleaning. The long-term focus of family dentists is on helping their patients avoid the need for restorative care through preventive services and encouraging them to practice good oral hygiene between each dental visit.

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