Is There Any Purpose for Wisdom Teeth?

Thinking you may want to have your wisdom teeth removed? Sometimes when wisdom teeth grow in, there is not enough room in the mouth to fully accommodate them. This can lead to teeth crowding. That makes the teeth crooked and therefore makes one more susceptible to being diagnosed with dental problems, like tooth decay. Maybe your wisdom teeth have never grown in and now you are wondering if they have a purpose.

Either way, learning more about the way your mouth functions is a good idea.

Is there any purpose for wisdom teeth?

Wanting to understand the purpose of wisdom teeth? While wisdom teeth were once considered to be necessary for our ancestors to survive, this is no longer the case. In today’s world, there is really no purpose for wisdom teeth.

When someone's wisdom teeth grow in and they experience no problems, then it is likely that they can remain in the mouth. When someone's wisdom teeth grow in and they begin to cause problems, then it is likely that a dental professional will want to extract them.

Signs that a wisdom tooth is growing in

When wisdom teeth begin to grow in, the area will be tender. There could be some minimal swelling involved, which is completely normal and should be expected. Once the tooth starts to break through, it is likely that some discomfort and minor pain will be experienced. Some people will get headaches when their wisdom teeth grow in, as they can put pressure on nearby nerves.

According to the American Dental Association, when they come through correctly, healthy wisdom teeth can help you chew.

Reasons for removing wisdom teeth

There are many different reasons why dental professional may want to remove one or more wisdom teeth from their patient's mouth. If they grow in and start causing the other teeth to shift and move, then they should be removed to prevent a mouth of crooked teeth. If a patient is in need of braces, removing the wisdom teeth may be part of the overall treatment plan. If a patient is in pain or experiencing an infection, then the wisdom teeth should be removed.

Why are they called wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with one’s level of smartness. The reason they are called wisdom teeth is that they come in when someone reaches their first level of maturity, which is supposed to bring them some wisdom of life.

Are your wisdom teeth bothering you?

If your wisdom teeth seem to be causing you problems, know that they may need to be extracted from your mouth. If you are concerned whether or not removing your wisdom teeth will cause you harm, know that many dental patients have their wisdom teeth removed and experience no harm. Instead, removing wisdom teeth is sometimes necessary in order to improve the overall health of one’s mouth.

If you are experiencing wisdom teeth problems, the sooner you seek professional treatment, the better.

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