When Should Your Child’s First Dentist Visit Be?

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Your baby’s first dentist visit is something that you should be thinking about, especially if the baby’s teeth have started coming out. Teething is a big milestone for babies and their parents.

It opens up a whole new world of solid foods for the child. For parents, the appearance of baby teeth means that it is time to shop around for a kids’ dentist, which is why you are probably asking yourself when exactly you should schedule your child’s first dentist appointment.

Let us go over some information about the development of your child’s teeth that will help you make that decision.

What happens when the baby starts teething?

Fun fact: Children are born with their milk teeth right inside the gums. The teeth only make a short trip when they push their way out. As they make their way out, the teeth apply pressure to the gums, causing them to become sore and inflamed.

The child will become fussy and look for things to chew on. In some cases, the child may develop a slight fever. Just to be sure that the fever is not caused by something else, the parents should see a doctor immediately.

Since teething can be such a trying time for the child and parents, it is a great time for the baby’s first dental visit.

The baby’s first dental visit

Kids' dentists advise parents to take their child to the dentist before the child turns one, or within six months of the eruption of the first tooth, whichever happens first.

However, if teething causes the child lots of discomfort, visit a pediatric dentist to make sure that everything is okay. In order to keep tabs on the child’s new teeth, the dentist will schedule follow-up appointments at regular intervals.

Why baby teeth need a kids' dentist

A kid needs baby teeth to chew and talk. They also need their baby teeth to hold a spot for the permanent teeth. When a baby tooth falls out earlier than it should, the rest of the teeth try to fill the gap by moving from their original positions.

That is why a pediatric dentist is so important. They spot signs of decay early and treat the baby teeth to stop them from falling out. Kids' dentists also teach parents how to clean their children’s teeth.

They advise parents on how to avoid tooth decay by limiting the intake of sweet foods and weaning the child off bottle feeding and pacifiers. When parents follow the dentist’s advice, they make sure that their child has healthy milk teeth. This means that later on, the child will grow to have white, straight and healthy adult teeth.

Finding a kids' dentist is a good investment

A child is ready to see the dentist for a checkup as soon as they have teeth, which makes sense if you want to stay ahead of any dental issue that may come up. By starting routine checkups early on, you end up saving lots of money down the road.

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