When Is a Complete Dental Exam Recommended?

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A complete dental exam involves a thorough inspection of your teeth, gums, jaw, neck, and head. The dentist scans for existing issues in your mouth and health issues like oral cancer. Your oral health is closely liked to your overall health because issues like gum disease increase your risk of health issues like pneumonia, heart disease, and diabetes.

Anyone can benefit from a complete dental exam. It becomes even more important for those with existing issues, like periodontitis, because their teeth and gums need to be closely monitored to manage their condition. Dentists recommend getting one every three to five years.

What to expect at your comprehensive dental exam

A dental exam involves comparing the patient’s previous examinations to the current state of their teeth and gums, with the dentist looking for any changes. In most cases, minor dental issues can be fixed before they morph into complicated problems. Developing problems in the mouth typically do not have symptoms like discomfort and pain unless they have reached their advanced stages. Early detection helps avoid such ordeals and unnecessary dental bills.

Dentists generally recommend coming in for a dental examination at least two times per year. More visits might be scheduled based on the patient’s unique dental and health history. For example, people with diabetes typically require more frequent visits to the dentist because their condition infuses their saliva with sugar, increasing their risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Benefits of getting regular dental checkups

Cavities are detected early: Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues that people deal with, and it can lead to teeth being destroyed. However, treating tooth decay can be rather simple, especially during the early stages. The earliest stage can be reversed with fluoride treatments, and fillings can be used to close cavities. Leaving tooth decay untreated can lead to an infection or the total loss of a tooth.

It saves money: Treating tooth decay with fluoride treatments or fillings, for example, is cheaper than having to pay for a root canal or an implant for a tooth that has been too damaged to be saved.

It gets rid of tartar: Tartar is a hardened plaque that forms on teeth surfaces, and it houses bacteria and the acids that they produce. It promotes decay and can get under gum tissues, leading to gum disease. Dentists remove tartar from teeth surfaces during dental checkups with a treatment called teeth cleaning. Teeth cleanings are particularly important when it comes to preventing and reversing gum disease.

It promotes good health: Dentists can detect signs of serious health issues. These can include things like oral cancer, heart disease, and diabetes during routine check-ups.

Get a thorough check-up

A complete dental examination is a comprehensive type of checkup that involves the dentist taking a thorough look at your teeth, gums, neck, and head. It also provides a chance to record the current state of your dental health, which can help create a clearer picture of your general and overall health. Call or visit our Albuquerque clinic to set up a comprehensive dental examination with our dentist.

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