When a Dentist Recommends a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Albuquerque, NM

A dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction if the wisdom teeth are causing pain, gum disease, or frequent infections. Wisdom tooth extraction may also be necessary if there are severe cavities on the wisdom teeth as well. Wisdom tooth extraction may also be necessary before orthodontic treatment as well. 

When wisdom tooth extraction is necessary

Wisdom tooth extraction involves the removal of third molars in the back of the mouth. It is a safe process that can improve the patient’s long-term health and prevent any discomforting symptoms resulting from improper development of the wisdom teeth. This review discusses when a dentist may recommend a wisdom tooth extraction.

Pain in surrounding teeth or gums

Wisdom tooth extraction may be highly recommended or necessary if they become painful or cause pain in surrounding teeth or the gums. For wisdom teeth that come through properly, there could be some minor discomfort that is normal and should go away on its own. However, pain that persists or becomes intolerable is a sign of a more serious concern. 

Gum disease or frequent infections

In some instances when wisdom teeth do not emerge in an ideal manner the risk of gum disease or oral infections is much higher. If symptoms of gum disease (i.e. red, swollen, or bleeding gums) or symptoms of frequent infections (swollen lymph nodes and toothaches) develop, then a dentist may recommend having the wisdom tooth removed.

Deep decay of the wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay the same as all other teeth. In fact, they may be more vulnerable to teeth decay as they are the farthest back in the mouth where it is hard to reach while brushing and flossing and they do not always properly emerge through the gums. IF deep decay develops on wisdom teeth, then painful symptoms and infections could occur, in which case the dentist may recommend the removal of one or more of the wisdom teeth. 

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment can fix issues of overcrowded or crooked teeth. However, in order to ensure that teeth have enough space, the wisdom teeth may need to be extracted before orthodontic treatment. This can be recommended even if there are no notable symptoms related to oral health associated with the wisdom teeth.

How to determine if a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary

 A consultation visit with a dentist can help patients determine whether or not their wisdom teeth present an oral health or functional risk. During the visit, the dentist may take dental X-rays, conduct an oral examination, and offer professional advice as to the risks of leaving the wisdom teeth vs. the benefits of wisdom tooth extraction.

Schedule a consultation to discuss wisdom tooth extraction

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