Warning Signs of a Root Canal Infection

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The earlier the signs of a root canal infection are detected, the easier it is to treat the condition. Although every patient may have a unique experience with the symptoms caused by an infection, there are some common signs of a root canal infection that indicate a prompt visit with the dentist is necessary. 

When to visit the dentist for a root canal consultation

Anyone who experiences one or more warning signs of a root canal infection should consult with their dentist to see if root canal therapy is necessary. Early detection of an issue can make the treatment more effective and less invasive, ultimately helping the patient save the infected or damaged tooth and ensuring any infection that is present does not spread. 

Intolerable tooth pain

One of the more notable symptoms of a root canal infection is tooth pain, particularly that which becomes intolerable due to the severity of the toothache or how long it lasts. Tooth pain in itself is a huge concern that can make doing routine tasks more challenging. However, it is also a warning sign of a more severe condition. Tooth pain is often the result of an infection in the tooth root. Pain is a symptom because the root of the tooth is filled with nerves and blood vessels that are being exposed by an infection or decay. 

Sensitivity to foods and drinks

Many people in need of a root canal due to a tooth infection experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Most notably, sensitivity often results from food and drinks. If this occurs, then a consultation visit with a dentist who offers root canal therapy is likely needed. Sensitivity often results when a root canal is needed due to the root of the tooth being exposed. This can occur as a result of enamel erosion, gum recession or tooth damage, such as chips or cracks. 

Gum swelling and tenderness

Tooth infections also affect the gums. Gum swelling is a common sign of a more severe infection that will require a root canal procedure. Along with swelling, patients may also experience sensitivity to touch. If these symptoms become severe or linger for an extended period of time, then it is important to visit the dentist. 

A strong odor and bad taste

If too much bacteria and food particles accumulate in the mouth, then it can cause a strong odor and bad taste inside of the mouth. These symptoms are a sign of not only tooth infection, but it also indicates that there is an increased risk that the infection may grow worse without root canal therapy. 

Find out more about root canal infections

Our dental team can help you with the diagnosis of a root canal infection and guide you through the treatment process. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation visit to see if a root canal is necessary, then reach out to our dental team today. We are glad to assist you.

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