Treatment From a Family Dentist for Burning Mouth Syndrome

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If you have burning mouth syndrome, your family dentist may be able to offer treatment. The condition has a number of different causes. Your family dentist can diagnose the condition by ruling out other causes of your pain. Read on to learn more about this chronic condition.

What is burning mouth syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome is a health problem that causes discomfort and pain in the mouth. The feeling can also be in the tongue or in the lips. It often feels like the mouth is tingling, burning or scalding. More women than men are affected by the condition.

It often happens after menopause for women. It is difficult to determine the causes of the condition. Some people might never know why they have the symptoms. However, the symptoms can be lessened. For many people, the symptoms come on suddenly, while others may come over time. Some symptoms can include:

  • Metallic or bitter taste
  • Burning feeling in or around the mouth
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of tasting abilities

Sometimes, burning mouth syndrome may come every day. Other times, it can come and go. Some people may have chronic pain all day, every day. Others may only have a little bit of pain in the morning that worsens. The condition may last for many months or even years.

Treating burning mouth syndrome

There is no one treatment for treating burning mouth syndrome. A family dentist will address the patient’s symptoms to come up with a suggested form of treatment. The symptoms will determine the right treatment. If the underlying cause is determined, that can be treated.

For example, some types of medications can cause the condition. Stopping the medication or switching to a new one can alleviate the symptoms. Other times, a family dentist may prescribe products to relive a dry mouth. This can sometimes be helpful for patients.

Other times, taking supplements, such as vitamin B, zinc or iron can provide the right nutrition. Different oral ointments can reduce and relieve the patient’s pain. If the nervous system is affected, then the patient may benefit from anxiety or depression medications. The family dentist can provide recommendations to the patient on the right types of treatment options.

Some types of foods or beverages can bring on symptoms. If this is the case, the dentist may recommend avoiding them. For example, spicy or hot foods can worsen the condition. The dentist may also recommend avoiding alcohol. Smoking and tobacco products should also be avoided. Patients may even benefit from trying a new type of toothpaste that has some different ingredients.

Visit a family dentist today

Burning mouth syndrome is painful and it can cause you to have a scalding sensation around your mouth. The good news is that you do not need to live with the condition. Your family dentist can offer a range of different treatments, including pain-relieving ointments. Contacting a dentist near you today is your first step toward pain relief.

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