Signs You Should Visit a General Dentistry Office

General dentistry is the practice of keeping teeth healthy and preserved through examinations, preventative care and more. The goal of a general dentist is to ensure your teeth are well taken care of and your smile is looking great. Oral health is directly linked to overall health. This means keeping the rest of you healthy starts with maintaining mouth health.

With an unhealthy mouth comes all sorts of problems in your body, including heart problems. Since your mouth is the first step in a long system of digestion, the health of your teeth and gums also heavily affects this important function. Visiting your local general dentistry office is not only good for your teeth, but good for you.

Common general dentistry procedures

Dental cleanings and oral exams

An excellent way to prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems, frequent dental cleanings and examinations ensure your mouth will stay healthy for a lifetime. Dentists recommend going at least twice a year for a deep dental cleaning with x-rays. This will help the dentist to spot any problem areas and alert you to them before tooth decay runs amok.

Training for preventative care

Training in preventative care is important, both for children just learning how to brush teeth and adults needing to brush up on their technique. At a general dentistry practice, the providers here specialize in educating patients on how to maintain a good oral health routine. The dentist can teach tooth brushing strategies, use disclosing agents to show where you miss when brushing and show the proper way to floss.

Cavity fillings

Despite our best efforts, cavities can still appear. Most of the time, cavities are due to poor oral hygiene. However, some are more prone to cavities thanks to a trait of deeply grooved teeth. Whatever the reason, a general dentist can solve the problem. Fillings work by removing existing decay, sterilizing the area and filling it with a composite material to stop future bacterial attack.

Root canal therapy

In some cases, tooth decay is able to advance past the surface and into the deep tissue within a tooth. This infection is called pulpitis, and it can be very painful. Root canal treatment is a procedure designed to save your natural tooth from having to be extracted when tooth decay has taken hold of the roots. This treatment also alleviates pain and protects the tooth from future decay.

Treatment for TMD

TMD, also known as pain in the jaw joint, can be a distracting condition. Usually caused by stress or a misaligned bite, TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) symptoms include jaw pain, clicking when moving the jaw and lockjaw. Thankfully, general dentists are trained to treat TMD, especially when it comes to realigning the bite.

Orthodontic services

Some of us are blessed with straight teeth from the get-go, but for most, this is not the case. Adult teeth often come in crooked for many reasons. Hereditary factors or from a child sucking on their thumb for too long can cause teeth to come in less than straight. There are many options for straightening the smile and aligning the bite. Traditional wire braces are still a popular option for solving a crooked smile quickly. Clear aligners are quickly gaining popularity, as these barely noticeable, removable appliances are great for an adult on the go.

Solve missing teeth

Whether you are missing one, several or all your teeth, your general dentist has you covered. With a variety of dental appliances ranging from permanent to removable, help is only one appointment away. Some options for replacing missing teeth include dental implants, bridges and dentures.

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