3 Reasons You Should See a Kid Friendly Dentist

3 Reasons You Should See a Kid Friendly Dentist from Family Choice Dental in Albuquerque, NMThe experiences children have with a dentist shape the way they view visiting the dental office when they are teenagers and adults. A kid-friendly dentist helps children feel more comfortable. They also offer specialized dental services and educate children on oral health in a manner they (and their parents) understand.

What makes a kid-friendly dentist unique

A kid-friendly dentist is more than a dentist that treats children. It takes a lot of work to make a dental office kid-friendly, which may include offering specialized dental services specifically for children and creating a fun and colorful structure to the office that children enjoy. The following is a review of three reasons parents should consider choosing a kid-friendly dentist.

Kid-friendly dentists help children feel more comfortable

As mentioned, the experiences we have visiting the dentist at a young age can affect the way we view the dentist as we grow older. Many with negative experiences develop dental anxiety or dental phobia, a worse version of anxiety. This causes many adults to not visit the dentist regularly.

Kid-friendly dentists ensure that children feel comfortable while they are on each visit. This is often accomplished by structuring the dental office in a way that is friendly for children (i.e. adding fun colors, playrooms, etc.). The staff at kid-friendly dentist offices are often very welcoming and friendly.

Kid-friendly dentists specialize in dental care for children

Kid-friendly dentists also offer specialized services for children that general dentists are less likely to offer. This includes specialized treatment for primary teeth such as dental sealants.

Another aspect is that kid-friendly dentists offer safe and effective sedation (i.e. laughing gas) to minimize the discomfort patients experience.

Another relatively common treatment option that kid-friendly dentists offer is orthodontic care (braces or clear aligners). They may also offer early orthodontic services to help children prevent misalignments from developing in the first place, limiting their need for orthodontic care as teenagers.

Kid-friendly dentists educate and help with healthy habit development

Dentists can help a lot with oral health, but the majority of the work takes place at home through good oral hygiene and smart dietary choices. Kid-friendly dentists educate children and their parents on the importance of practicing good oral hygiene. They also show them precisely what a daily oral care routine should include. Lastly, kid-friendly dentists can also educate on how sugar affects a person’s oral health in a manner they understand, encouraging them to practice good oral hygiene after eating or drinking a lot of sugar.

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