Popular Cosmetic Dental Options to Fix a Chipped Tooth

Chipped Tooth Albuquerque, NM

A chipped tooth can ruin the way your smile looks, and it leaves the affected tooth vulnerable to tooth decay and additional damage. Teeth can become chipped as a result of trauma to the face, decay, or biting down on something too hard. Fortunately, dentists have a variety of options at their disposal when it comes to fixing chipped teeth.

Treatment options for a chipped tooth

How badly a tooth is chipped determines which treatment options are recommended by the dentist. Some of the more popular ways to fix a chipped tooth include:

1. Composite bonding

This is a non-invasive approach to fixing a chipped tooth, as it does not require making any permanent alterations to the tooth. Composites made out of glass and plastic are applied to the tooth and molded over the chipped area.

The tooth is prepared for the procedure by roughening its edges with an etching solution. The dentist applies the composite to the area being worked on in layers and hardens it with a curing light. It takes about 45 minutes to restore a tooth with a composite. The composite is matched with the color of the patient’s tooth so it does not look like it has been worked on.

2. Enamel reshaping

This procedure is typically used to fix minor chips that only affect the outer layer of teeth. The dentist uses tools like a dental drill to smooth the areas around the chip so the tooth no longer appears damaged.

3. Veneers

These restorations are typically recommended when dealing with mild to moderate chips. The veneer serves as a mask that hides all the flaws on the front part of a tooth. The tooth is prepared for the veneer by removing enamel from all of its sides. The process is irreversible so the tooth will always need a veneer or some other dental restoration to protect it moving forward. 

Veneers are customized for each patient, and they can be made out of an impression of the patient’s tooth or a digital model of it. The information is passed on to a dental lab where restorations like veneers are manufactured. The customized veneer should be ready for placement in about two weeks. The patient gets a temporary veneer to protect their teeth while they wait for their custom veneer.

4. Crowns

These versatile restorations are typically recommended when a patient has a moderate to severe chip. The crown covers up the visible part of the tooth, restoring its appearance and function. The crown also protects the tooth from acids and bacteria in the mouth.

Placing a crown typically requires removing enamel from all sides of a tooth. This creates a better fit for the restoration. An impression of the tooth being treated is taken once it has been prepared and sent to a dental lab. The patient gets their custom crown in about two weeks.

Fix your chipped tooth

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