Implant Crowns: The Solution to Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be problematic, but with the help of implant crowns, a solution can be reached. Over time, a person’s teeth may decay, crack or even chip, which can all result in them falling out. Implant crowns can help replace missing teeth, as well as restore severely damaged ones. 

Want to know how implant crowns can solve your missing teeth problem? Read on to find out! In this article, we highlight how implant crowns can help you when your teeth are missing.

Implant crowns

Being aware of how implant crowns are the solution to your missing teeth can be helpful if you are seeking replacement options. However, it may be helpful to learn what implant crowns actually are first.

What are implant crowns?

Implant crowns are dental crowns that replace a person’s natural tooth. Just like with any other dental crown, implant crowns act like a dental appliance that will allow for natural chewing and confident smiling.

An implant crown attaches to the dental implant that is within a person’s jawbone. Once placed, it can successfully replace a missing tooth. Implant crowns allow a person to function normally again.

How do implant crowns work?

Implant crowns only work in conjunction with dental implants, which are placed in a separate procedure. Dental implants are placed within a person’s bone and replace a tooth’s natural structure. Once the implants are placed, a period of healing must take place. This healing period involves fusing, in which the implants become a part of the natural bone.

Once the fusing process is over, implant crowns will be introduced into a person’s mouth. These special types of dental implants are only used with dental implants because they attach to them on top. The oral surgeon or dentist will go in and carefully ensure that the implants are fused, and then they will permanently attach the crowns. Once attached, the tooth replacement process is complete!

Why choose implant crowns for tooth replacement

Unlike other replacement options, implant crowns offer a person a tooth replacement option that is discreet and long-lasting. Dentures or bridges often tend to get worn down and may need replacement eventually, but because implants become a part of the natural bone, the accompanying crowns are also likely going to last a lifetime.

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