If I’m Missing Teeth, Should I Consider Crowns on Implants?

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Are you looking for information on dental crowns? Dental crowns are an excellent option for replacing one or more lost teeth, especially when combined with dental implants. Traditionally, tooth replacement techniques involved placing crowns on single damaged teeth or using a dental bridge to replace multiple lost teeth. More modern crown options are now available.

About crowns and dental implants

A crown on a dental implant is an attractive and beneficial alternative to traditional crown techniques. A dental implant can act to protect teeth around the site of the crown, as the implant serves as a substitute for the root of the lost tooth, preserving bone density. The jawbone is kept from shrinking, which usually happens in areas affected by tooth loss. Without this loss of bone, the natural teeth are given more support and are protected.

In the case of a dental bridge, there may be some bone loss at the site of the missing teeth, and the remaining teeth adjacent to the bridge have to support it. This can damage natural teeth, and the bridge itself can make the area more difficult to brush or floss. Bridges can also slip or become dislodged, which may require a dentist visit to remedy.

Traditionally, when using a crown over a damaged tooth, the tooth is cleaned of decay, and then shaped in a way as to securely hold the crown. With traditional dental crowns, it is sometimes difficult to match the exact color of nearby teeth. And like bridges, crowns may sometimes be dislodged or slip off. Traditional crowns are also not as permanent as the newer dental implants — most traditional crown and bridgework needs to be replaced every ten or fifteen years.

Newer dental implants are much more durable

Another wonderful benefit of dental implants is how long they last. Dental implants only require the normal brushing and flossing that a patient would do in the course of pursuing normal dental hygiene. The long-lasting nature of crowns placed on dental implants is one of their biggest advantages. With adequate care, high-quality implants can easily last for a lifetime.

Dental implants can also be used in place of bridges. When a bridge is used to replace lost teeth, a dentist will need to anchor the bridge to healthy teeth nearby. Dental implants do not rely on nearby teeth — using dental implants, a dentist is able to replace either a single missing tooth or several lost teeth, regardless of their location.

The bottom line

Crowns placed on dental implants are a more permanent solution. If one is considering a traditional crown versus a crown placed on an implant, it would be wise to consult with a dental professional to ask any questions and to be informed of the available options. Crowns placed on dental implants offer significant benefits when compared to more traditional crowns. To schedule an initial consultation with a dental professional, contact our office today.

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