How to Get a Brighter Smile with Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Bleaching Albuquerque, NM

Teeth bleaching is a great way to get rid of mild-to-moderate stains and improve the brightness of your smile, typically completed in a single visit to the dentist. This review discusses what you can expect when getting a brighter smile with teeth bleaching treatment.

A step-by-step overview of professional teeth bleaching

The process may look different for every patient, but the typical process for teeth bleaching includes a consultation, followed by the bleaching procedure on the same visit and advice for aftercare. A check-up visit is also scheduled to check on the patient’s oral health and teeth shade in approximately four to six months.

The consultation process

The teeth bleaching process begins with a consultation. This allows the dentist and the patient to discuss treatment goals, and the dentist can examine the patient’s oral health to ensure there are no concerns that could affect the safety or effectiveness of the teeth bleaching treatment. If the patient has any concerns, such as weakened or eroded enamel, then the dental professional may implement a treatment plan to address the oral health concerns before teeth bleaching. For patients with healthy tooth enamel, they can proceed with the teeth bleaching procedure, usually on the same day as the consultation.

The teeth bleaching procedure

The dentist may start by cleaning the teeth; this alone can often remove many stains. Once the teeth are clean, the dentist can apply the teeth bleaching agent, which generally contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The dentist then shines a special dental light over the teeth, which activates the whitening agent and targets and removes the stubborn stains. The dentist can then rinse the teeth and show the patient results. A second dose may be applied if the desired results have not yet been achieved.

Providing aftercare to maintain the ideal shade

The patient can return to their normal daily routine immediately following the teeth bleaching procedure, which generally only takes 30 minutes to an hour. The patient can maintain the ideal shade of their smile for more than a year by avoiding foods and drinks that can cause stains and keeping a consistent oral care routine that consists of brushing and flossing.

Follow-up visits to keep teeth clean and healthy

The dentist may schedule a follow-up visit to see how the patient is doing with their smile and ensure they do not have any oral health concerns that need addressing. Regular cleaning and check-up visits allow plaque and tartar to be removed from the surface of teeth and along the gum line, which reduces the risk of early tooth stains.

Ready for a brighter smile?

Teeth bleaching offers a way to improve the brightness of your smile by as many as eight shades. If you would like to schedule a teeth bleaching consultation with our team, then we encourage you to reach out today. Our friendly team can answer your questions and guide you through every step of the whitening process.

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