How a Missing Tooth Requires a Dental Restoration

How a Missing Tooth Requires a Dental Restoration from Family Choice Dental in Albuquerque, NMA patient who is missing a single tooth may wonder if dental restorations are worthwhile. There are several reasons that a missing tooth should not be left as an empty space. Here are a few potential issues that can arise from having a missing tooth and why restorations should be seen as required rather than optional.

Why replace a missing tooth

It can be tempting to leave a missing tooth as is, especially if it is in an area of the mouth that is not very visible. Unfortunately, there are a few complications that can arise from having a gap in the mouth.


One of the most straightforward reasons a person might prefer to have a missing tooth replaced is to have a complete looking smile. A missing tooth can alter the appearance of the teeth and can draw attention easily. Even if the missing tooth is not in a very noticeable spot, the teeth surrounding it may begin to shift over time, leading to crookedness, bigger gaps between teeth, and other changes in the appearance of the rest of the mouth.

Dental health

The same shifting and misalignment of teeth that can change the way someone's smile looks can also negatively affect their dental health. The movement of teeth out of their original position can create complications such as gum disease and further tooth decay. Eventually, this may lead to further tooth loss. Additionally, having missing teeth can make it more difficult to chew food. A dental restoration can be helpful in allowing a person to chew as normal and prevent pain or irritation of the gums surrounding the area where the tooth used to be.

These are just some of the problems that can arise from leaving a missing tooth untreated. Often, the sooner a replacement is put in the mouth, the less likely remaining teeth are to have shifted. Scheduling an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible is recommended for anyone who has experienced tooth loss.

Options for dental restorations

Dental restorations can prevent most of the problems that arise from having a missing tooth. To determine the right option for any individual, talk with a dentist. The different options can have pros and cons, and taking the time to choose something that will work well for the individual can be important. Keep in mind that it is important to stay on top of tooth care, especially if the tooth was lost because of gum disease or other dental health issues. Visiting a dentist once or twice a year can help prevent further tooth loss and dental health issues.

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Dental restorations for a missing tooth are important for both the appearance of a person's smile and the health of their teeth. A person who is missing a tooth should schedule an appointment with a dentist to discuss options and get the problem remedied before issues occur. Luckily there are many ways to prevent a missing tooth from causing problems, and several options can restore a complete smile for the patient.

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