How an Emergency Dentist Treats a Broken Tooth

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A broken tooth requires the help of an emergency dentist as soon as it happens. They are the best person to see when a broken tooth occurs because they are trained in treating urgent things that arise. A lot of people experience fear when they break a tooth because it can be painful and worrisome. However, it is important to stay calm and to take action to get treatment done. The first step is to visit an emergency dentist so that they can outline the available treatment options. 

How a broken tooth is treated by an emergency dentist

Outlined below are a few options that can be used to treat a broken tooth

Reattachment through dental bonding

Reattachment through dental bonding is the easiest way to treat a broken tooth. An emergency dentist can perform a dental bonding procedure as soon as the patient comes in. Dental bonding is quick, simple and pain-free, which is reassuring for patients who are fearful that there might be pain. 

The emergency dentist will use a composite resin to attach the broken tooth piece to the actual tooth. Then, an additional layer of resin is applied to seal the tooth. 

Dental veneers

Another option for treating a broken tooth is to have dental veneers placed. Dental veneers are thin plastic coverings that go directly over the broken tooth. They can be color-matched so that the surrounding teeth match. 

When visiting the emergency dentist, they can shave the broken tooth down so that there are not any sharp edges. Then, a protective temporary covering can be placed over the tooth to prevent further damage. Additionally, these coverings can be helpful in protecting the entire mouth. During the initial appointment, the emergency dentist will take impressions for the dental veneer, which has to be created in a dental lab. 

Dental crowns

A broken tooth can also be treated with a dental crown. Dental crowns are caps that completely cover a tooth, typically a molar. They can be made of gold, metal alloys, porcelain or composite resin, depending on the patient's desire and needs. When visiting an emergency dentist for a broken tooth, a temporary dental crown can be placed during the initial appointment. The temporary crown keeps the broken tooth protected until the permanent dental crown is made. 

Dental fillings

A minor broken tooth can be treated with a dental filling. A dental filling placement is an easy procedure that does not take longer than an hour to complete. The emergency dentist will use a safe dental material to fill in cracks or chips that were a result of the broken tooth. Additionally, if the patient requires a more in-depth treatment option then a dental filling can be used intermittently until the permanent fixture is ready. 

Learn more today

A broken tooth should always be taken to an emergency dentist right away. The necessary steps can be taken to either save the tooth or restore it. Reach out today to learn more about broken tooth treatment options. 

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