Four Signs You Need Dental Laminates

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If you are reading up on dental laminates, you are probably thinking about improving the look of your smile. Keep reading to learn about the different uses of dental laminates and see if this type of dental restoration is a good fit for you.

Comparing dental laminates and dental veneers

Veneers and dental laminates are both non-invasive ways of hiding minor imperfections on teeth. Both types of restorations take the form of thin, translucent, tooth-colored shells that attach to the surface of the teeth. They may look similar, and they may accomplish the same goals, but laminates and veneers have distinct differences.

  • Dental labs fabricate laminate shells by stacking ultra-thin layers of ceramic and compressing them into a single restoration that is around 0.2mm thick
  • These shells may be thin, but their structure makes them strong enough to withstand the forces of biting and chewing
  • Laminate is thinner than regular veneers, a quality that allows dentists to remove minimal enamel from the teeth
  • Because laminate is thinner, it is also more transparent than traditional veneers

A dentist will match the qualities of laminate against the state of their patient’s teeth. They might recommend laminate for:

1. Small fractures and chips

Dental laminates can cover a tooth that has a surface fracture or a small chip. The restoration is strong enough to reinforce the structure of teeth that sustain minor injuries. Note that a dentist will recommend a traditional veneer for teeth with larger chips or fractures. That would require the removal of larger portions of teeth enamel.

2. Minor gapping between teeth

Cosmetic dentists will hide small gaps with dental laminates that are slightly wider than the teeth they cover. Laminates are also a clever way of creating a proportional smile where each tooth matches adjacent teeth in size.

3. Slightly crooked teeth

The ideal smile has a healthy bite with straight, forward-facing teeth. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that perfect smile, but many people have a good bite with one or two teeth that are out of alignment.

Dental laminates can cover this type of minor imperfection with minimal intervention. This is a much faster option than braces. Dentists often recommend this approach when the patient’s teeth have other issues that can also benefit from the placement of a laminate.

4. Discoloration

Enamel can erode for different reasons, causing teeth to appear yellow. Fluoride and certain types of medication can cause intrinsic stains. These types of discoloration may be hard to resolve with teeth whitening, which is where veneers or dental laminates come in. The restorations can cover up the discolored teeth.

Reclaiming your smile is easier than you think

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