Does Your Teen Want to Wear Clear Braces? Getting Approval From a Dentist

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There is a good chance that your teen will ask for clear braces if they need teeth-straightening treatments. These devices are designed to be virtually invisible when worn. They provide discreet treatment for a wide range of teeth alignment problems like:

  • Overbites
  • Crooked teeth
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Gaps between teeth

Getting your teen cleared for clear braces

Oral appliances like clear braces are the norm when it comes to improving the alignment of a person's teeth. Young adults and teenagers often prefer these over traditional metal braces, which tend to ruin the appearance of the wearer's smile. That can lead to bullying for teenagers and older kids. Dentists recommend treating poor teeth alignment before a person reaches adulthood because their jawbone is not fully hardened yet.

Fixing poor teeth alignment goes past improving the aesthetics of the patient's teeth. Poorly aligned teeth are more vulnerable to dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease because it is harder to clean them properly. As a result, plaque and oral bacteria find many small spaces to hide.

Oral appliances like traditional metal braces and clear aligners work using the same principle. The device applies a constant force to the patient's teeth and slowly pushes them towards better alignment. The length of treatment for each patient varies depending on the severity of their condition, but it is typically somewhere between six months to two years.

Getting clear braces for teenagers

Metal braces are often the standard treatment for orthodontic issues. The most common age to administer teeth alignment treatments is between the ages of 12 to 15. At that point, most of the patient's permanent teeth should have emerged, with the exception of the wisdom teeth. Any alignment issues that have developed should be easy to identify at that point.

Clear braces have emerged as another popular option because many teens would rather avoid having to wear braces. It can lead to them being teased by their peers or ruin their personal style. Many prefer the subtle nature of clear braces because they provide the treatment they need without announcing it to the world.

While metal braces are fixed in place when installed, clear braces are removable. This makes them a more comfortable option because they can be taken out for oral hygiene purposes or meals. Clear braces need to be worn for about 20 hours per day to be effective, so it is up to parents to decide if their child is disciplined enough to follow this schedule regularly.

The benefits of teenagers getting clear braces include:

  • They do not draw unnecessary attention to the patient's teeth, which can help them avoid being bullied
  • The aligners can be easily removed for meals and oral hygiene
  • They provide a more comfortable treatment
  • They do not promote tooth decay and gum disease, as is the case with traditional metal braces

Explore clear braces with your teeth

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