Crowns: A Cosmetic Option to Restore a Broken Tooth

If you are wondering what to do about a broken tooth, there are a handful of options to choose from. Patients who break teeth can talk to a dentist about getting veneers or building them up with bonding. Another option is pulling the affected teeth and replacing them with implants or dentures. However, there is a good chance your dentist will advise you to get a crown. This cosmetic treatment could be the right move to repair your fractured tooth and enjoy a nice smile once again.

Choosing the treatment

It is important for patients to chat openly with an experienced dentist to decide which treatment would be most effective. Every patient has different needs and each case of a broken tooth requires personalized care. Sometimes, it is impossible to save a tooth and pulling it out is the only choice. For minor breaks, the dentist may only need to applying composite resin bonding to take care of the problem. Also, patients should speak with their dental insurance company to see what coverage is possible.

Preliminary steps

There are some similarities between getting a crown and getting a filling. The dentist will start out by numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. The dentist will also make a model of the affecting tooth and choose a crown or cap that matches the other teeth. Because the crown will fit right over the tooth, it is crucial that the dentist molds it perfectly. The dentist must also remove any decay that may be in the fractured tooth.

What it is made of

Crowns come in various materials and each has pros and cons. The dentist may choose to use a ceramic crown, which will match the teeth closely. However, ceramic crowns are not as strong as other options. Resin crowns will not require as much of a financial commitment for the patient, but this alternative is prone to wearing out more quickly. Another option is metallic, which are durable and made to last for the long term. On the flip side, the color will stand out much more.

Process of getting a crown after a broken tooth

It can take a fair amount of time for the dentist to put a crown in the patient’s mouth. This procedure usually takes two visits. On the first visit, the dentist will shave down the broken tooth and ensure that the crown will fit. The installation will take place on the subsequent visit.

A sound solution

You can feel good about getting a crown to fix a fractured tooth. Though there will be some discomfort and irritation following the procedure, recovery is minimal. The dentist will also make sure you feel comfortable and at ease during the process. Once your crown is in place, it will allow you to chew normally and regain your smile. Schedule an appointment today and speak with your dentist about getting a crown. You will not regret making this decision to improve your looks and your oral health.

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