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You might be deciding between clear braces and metal braces. After all, you want to look good and feel good by fixing your misaligned teeth. Part of feeling good is aesthetics. If you want to feel good not only after you get braces but also while wearing them, you should consider clear braces for aesthetic reasons.

What are the aesthetic results?

Aesthetic results refer to how something looks and is perceived, especially in the context of beauty. The reality is that metal braces are not aesthetically pleasing to most people. While teenagers often wear them anyway, it can chip away a person’s overall self-image because of the aesthetic disadvantage. On the other hand, clear braces provide great aesthetic results. These results can help preserve the self-esteem of wearers during their formative years.

The aesthetics of clear braces

Clear braces are not very noticeable to the naked eye. Most times, non-traditional braces are only placed on the top teeth. This leaves the bottom teeth completely unaffected. The combination of these two factors creates an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Many people will not even notice someone is wearing clear braces. This is a stark contrast to the obvious metal braces that can be seen even from a distance. Metal braces can overwhelm people from a self-image standpoint, especially when they are forced to wear them to school or work. Consider some of the aesthetics of non-traditional braces below:

  • Blend-in with teeth
  • Clear and clean
  • Seldom noticeable

Things to consider besides aesthetics

While aesthetics is important, it should not be the only factor when deciding on braces. Sometimes, the decision is made by a dentist who deems a case too severe for non-traditional braces. Other times, a family cannot afford the more expensive version of braces, and that makes the metal ones the only choice left. The most important thing to consider is the quality of the braces.

For this reason, it is always ideal to consult with a dentist before making a final decision. There are too many low-quality braces on the marketplace right now. Teeth can worsen with bad materials. Further complications can also arise.

Reminders for clear braces

It can be overwhelming to start a dental straightening treatment at any age. Sometimes, reminders can be useful in maintaining the treatment. Keeping up positive habits can make one’s dental straightening journey easier. Here are some reminders to keep in mind:

  • Brush and floss daily. Wearing these braces may straighten teeth in a discreet way, but the brackets need help staying invisible. Brushing and flossing well can prevent the brackets and wires from staining. It can also keep bacteria from sticking too long for them to cause tooth and gum infections. Using a fluoride mouthwash can help dislodge food particles and plaque, as well as prevent bad breath.
  • Be mindful of foods and drinks. Remember that the brackets and wires may be tooth-colored, but the patient must maintain them. This is possible by watching the foods and drinks the patient consumes. Dark-colored foods and drinks can stain the brackets and wires over time. Try to stay away from crunchy and sticky foods. There is always a risk of bracket detachment if one consumes them. Detachment would mean an emergency trip to the dentist for reattachment and readjustment.
  • See the dentist for regular dental cleanings and adjustments. This monthly routine can keep the teeth and gums free from infections. These visits will also help the dentist find out if the treatment is going well for the patient’s teeth and if the alignment is on time. The dentist will also use this visit as a chance to adjust the brackets and wires. The monthly checkup and cleaning can also be a chance to ask the dentist about any issue with the alignment process. This can help the patient’s teeth straightening become smoother and healthier.

Consult with a dentist in your area

You have read about the aesthetic results achieved by choosing to wear non-traditional braces. Because clear braces blend in with your teeth, they are less noticeable and more attractive. This factor is essential to young people who are trying to preserve a self-image. If you suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues, the clear version of braces might be the better option.

Sometimes, metal braces are the only realistic choice. It might be beyond your control. If you suffer from severe teeth misalignment, the dentist may not give you another option. Contact a professional today to determine your specific issues and which braces can correct your dental problem.

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