Can a Dental Restoration Restore Multiple Teeth?

Can a Dental Restoration Restore Multiple Teeth? from Family Choice Dental in Albuquerque, NMMultiple damaged or missing teeth can impair function and degrade the appearance of your smile. However, dental restorations can restore both the look and function of your teeth.

Types of dental restorations

There are many different types of dental restorations, and most of them can be used to address issues with multiple teeth. The type of restoration used for your dental issues depends on what your goals are and what issues need to be addressed.

Dental fillings

Fillings are used to treat cavities caused by dental decay. Dentists first remove the decayed portion of the teeth and then use silver amalgam or composite resin to fill the openings in the teeth. Fillings may also be used to repair cracked or broken teeth.


Implants are artificial tooth roots that can be used to hold replacement teeth, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. Implants are made from either endosteal or subperiosteal and are placed into or above the jawbone. Because implants stimulate the jawbone similarly to natural tooth roots, they help prevent the bone loss associated with missing teeth.


Dental crowns are caps that cover an entire tooth or dental implant. They are used to protect teeth that are worn, weak, or cracked or that have cavities that are too large for fillings. They may also be used to anchor dental bridges.


Bridges are artificial teeth used to replace multiple missing teeth. They are manufactured from porcelain that is colored to match your remaining natural teeth. Bridges are held in place by crowns placed on healthy natural teeth next to the bridge or on dental implants. Bridges come in multiple types, and the type used depends on the location of your missing teeth and the condition of your natural teeth.


Dentures are artificial teeth attached to a plastic material that resembles natural gums. Traditional dentures rest on the gums. Implant-supported dentures are anchored by dental implants. Dentures may be a full set for people who are missing all of their teeth or have their remaining teeth pulled because they are in poor condition or partial for people who are missing multiple teeth but still have some healthy natural teeth remaining.


Tooth bonding is used to improve the appearance of cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth. Dentists bond teeth by applying a composite resin that matches the color of the natural teeth. They then mold and shape the resin and use ultraviolet light to harden it.


Veneers are tooth-colored porcelain or composite resin shells that are used to cover one or more teeth. This treatment is primarily used to improve the appearance of damaged, uneven, cracked, discolored, or chipped teeth.

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There are a variety of dental restorations that dentists can use to improve the appearance and function of multiple damaged or missing teeth. Your dental professional can help you select a treatment that fits your aesthetic preferences and dental issues.

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