Ask a Dentist: How Do I Choose the Best Teeth Straightening Option for Me?

Teeth Straightening Albuquerque, NM

Teeth straightening options are available for children, teens, and adults. Aligning teeth can solve many dental problems. Decay, bite problems, and pain while chewing are only a few of them. The right teeth alignment option will allow you to have a fitting treatment for your lifestyle. If you want to ask a dentist about the right teeth straightening option for you, here are some details to discuss.

Clear aligners

This form of teeth straightening is becoming more popular. Instead of using brackets, this method uses clear aligner trays. Each plastic tray provides enough pressure to align them. The teeth receive pressure to push them into their proper positions every time the patient wears a new tray. The patient needs to change trays according to schedule. This will ensure the effectiveness of the teeth straightening method.

Teeth straightening aligners are removable. The patient can take them off during teeth cleaning and eating. Clear plastic trays can straighten teeth in a discreet manner. These aligners are almost impossible to see, even up close or in photographs. Wearing aligners is more comfortable to wear than brackets and wires.

Clear aligners are teeth straightening tools for mild to moderate alignment problems. The process cannot treat bite or jaw problems. Patients who want to use this method should wear the aligners for 22 hours every day. Younger patients may not have enough discipline to receive this kind of teeth straightening treatment.

Metal braces

Many patients have experienced wearing metal brackets and wires. This system involves regular dental visits. The dentist will tighten the wires. The pressure will pull the crooked teeth into their proper position. Tighter wires will induce more movement on the teeth.

Metal braces attach to the teeth with strong dental glue. The dentist will only remove the brackets when the treatment is over. This type of teeth straightening method is longer than wearing clear aligners. Wearing the brackets must last for one to two years.

This teeth straightening technique is good for correcting severe bite or jaw alignment problems. It will serve children and teens well. The dentist will perform the tightening they need for teeth alignment. Modern metal braces can be more stylish by choosing colorful ortho bands.

Metal braces are conspicuous dental appliances. The brackets, wires, and bands are obvious. Those who wear them feel awkward during photo ops and simple conversations. Also, the spaces between teeth and brackets are large enough to harbor food particles. This pushes patients to have stricter dental cleaning schedules. The brackets can make oral hygiene difficult without small toothbrushes as well.

Teeth straightening treatments can change your life and elevate your esteem

A crooked set of teeth can cause problems with speech and aesthetics. Clear aligners are more comfortable and almost invisible. Metal brackets are obstructive to dental hygiene practices and aesthetics. Your dentist can help you determine which teeth straightening method will meet your dental needs.

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