A Family Dentist Office Discusses the pH of Common Foods and Drinks

family dentists are becoming more and more popular for people as they can take their entire family to one centralized location to have dental and oral work done. While family dentists do work to diagnose and treat dental and oral health problems, they can offer up insight on other things as well.

The pH level of foods and beverages are commonly talked about among dentists because the acidity and alkalinity levels in a lot of things can be harmful to the teeth. In this article, we will cover our family dentist’s office discussion about pH levels in common foods and drinks.

pH of common foods and drinks


Water that contains low levels of pH is said to be acidic and corrosive which could result in problems over time. Acidic water can harm the teeth minorly as the acid may eat away at the enamel slowly.

Higher levels of pH in water are ultimately best as it will ensure that a person is getting the correct nutrients and minerals that water contains. pH levels between 6.5 - 8 are said to be the safest for water that is being drunk regularly.


While a lot of health professionals do recommend eating lots of fruits, some family dentists actually say to cut back on them as the acidity is extremely high in most fruits. Citrus fruits contain low levels of pH meaning that there is actually a lot of acid in them which over time can harm the teeth.

The acids in fruits such as oranges, lemons or limes will eat away at the tooth’s enamel causing decay or cavities. While fruits are good for the body overall, it’s best to limit the number of citrus fruits as the pH in them is so low that it can be detrimental to the teeth over time.


Most vegetables are recommended by family dentists as they contain high levels of pH which means they aren’t very acidic. In fact, the majority of vegetables are actually good for one’s oral and dental health as they promote strength and growth. However, tomatoes to tend to have lower levels of pH, meaning that there are high amounts of acid in them.


As good as soda tastes, family dentists and a lot of health professionals are against the consumption of them. Soda contains such low levels of pH that the acid within them can eat away at the teeth upon one drink. Aside from the acidity, the sugar that they contain is detrimental to one’s oral and dental health too.

pH is important to be aware of and consider when eating and drinking each day. Family dentists can provide a lot of information about the different pH levels in all types of foods and drinks, and talking with them can ultimately help better your health.

If you have questions that we didn’t answer in this article then reach out to our office today so that we can help you. Let our trained staff tell you more about pH levels, give us a call or stop by!

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