4 Common Endodontics Procedures

Endodontic Surgery Albuquerque, NM

Sometimes, you need a specialty field like endodontics to resolve your oral health issues. Your dentist helps you maintain good oral health through regular exams. But issues that specifically affect the pulp of the tooth are part of the specialty of endodontics. Your dentist may find that you need additional treatment or an endodontic procedure. Your dentist may tell you that you have significant damage to the pulp of your tooth. You may need one of the following four common endodontics procedures.

The root canal

The root canal is a procedure in endodontics that treats infection and decayed material inside the tooth. The dentist will remove the infected pulp. Then the dentist cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth. If the dentist had to remove material, then they will inject a biocompatible substance into the space. Once the inside of the tooth is clean, the dentist will seal off the area and place a filling or a crown to protect the inside of the tooth from reinfection. Dentists perform millions of root canals every year.

Endodontic surgery

Sometimes, a root canal is not enough to get to all of the infection. Infection from tooth decay can spread into the bone. When this happens, the dentist will need to perform endodontic surgery. An apicoectomy is when the dentist gets to the infection through the gum tissue rather than through the tooth. The dentist treats the infection at the root of the tooth and seals it off after clearing out the abscess or tissue.

Hidden tooth fractures

When teeth fracture below the gumline, traditional fillings and crowns will not be enough. Endodontics treats hidden fractures or deep cracks that might begin in a visible area but extend down below the gumline. These deep fractures can be extremely painful and may prevent patients from chewing. Dentists will examine the fracture and determine how much of the tooth it is possible to save. Sometimes, the dentist can apply a crown or save part of the tooth.

Trauma and lost teeth

If patients lose a tooth due to trauma, it is sometimes possible to replace the tooth successfully. To improve the chances that reinsertion of the tooth will work, patients should collect the tooth or tooth fragments. It is vital to avoid touching the root of the tooth as much as possible. Even if the patient can reinsert the tooth into the correct socket, dentists recommend patients go immediately to the dentist or an emergency room. The dentist will examine the area and may place a reinforcement to help hold the tooth in place while the area heals. The dentist will do everything possible to help the tooth heal back into place.

Endodontics helps you keep your natural teeth

Endodontics seeks to protect your long-term oral health by preserving your natural teeth as much as possible. Your dentist will use several techniques to treat infection, as well as cracked or missing teeth. Your dentist likely performs these endodontics procedures often. Talk to your dentist about all your options.

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