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If you already have a family dentist, it is very likely there is a kids dentist somewhere in the building. A kids dentist is the most qualified person to take care of all of your child's needs, since these professionals have two additional years of training learning about the growth patterns of children's teeth along with many other things that are specific to kids. 

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What to expect during your child's first dental appointment

The American Dental Association recommends taking children to the dentist before their first birthday or about six months after the first set of teeth appear.

The first visit to the dentist typically does not involve getting any treatment. It serves as an opportunity for the child to meet the dentist without the added stress of getting work done. The dentist might even ask the parent to sit in the dental chair while holding the child during the examination. This is done to familiarize the child with the environment and to associate it with positive feelings. The dentist might also ask the parent to step outside for a second so the child learns to be comfortable with the dentist even when the parents are not around.

Parents will also be asked to provide medical information during the visit, like any allergies that have been detected or any other medical issues the child is dealing with.

During the child's first examination, the dentist will take a close look at the teeth that have erupted, looking for signs of decay, gum issues or problems with the jaw. The dentist might also decide to clean the child's teeth or perform a fluoride treatment if the child is susceptible to decay.

Most importantly, the dentist will educate the parent on how to properly take care of developing teeth, deal with teething issues and explain how to establish good oral hygiene habits early on. This education is extremely important since it prepares the child for a life with good oral health. Remember, oral health is closely related to overall health. Common dental issues like gum disease and infections can have a negative impact on a child's overall health.

Other topics the dentist might decide to talk to the parent about include:

  • How to prevent tooth decay and gum disease
  • The importance of fluoride for the development of teeth
  • Habits that can negatively affect the health of the child's teeth like lip sucking, tongue sucking or thumb sucking
  • Important milestones to keep an eye out for
  • How to deal with teething and the discomfort it creates
  • Teeth-friendly nutrition
  • Most kids dentists recommend bringing a child in for an examination every six months. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist also serve an important role when it comes to familiarizing the child with the dental clinic. The more often a child is taken to a dentist, the more comfortable the child becomes. This is something that stays with the child for the rest of their lives.

    Regular visits also give the dentist a chance to detect any issues that are developing in their early stages, and it allows them to monitor the development of the child's teeth.

    Is there a difference between a kids dentist and a general dentist?

    Yes, there is. While both types of dentists have to complete four years of dental school, a pediatric dentist has to complete an additional two years of training. This training focuses on treating and managing a child's developing teeth, dealing with young patients and dealing with children who have special needs. While general dentists are more than capable of dealing with a child's needs, the specialized training a kids dentist receives makes them better equipped to deal with young children.

    It goes beyond just the training. A pediatric dentist's office is geared specifically for children. The walls are covered with cartoon characters the child will love, the assistants have lots of experience working with kids, the equipment used is made specifically for children, the TVs in the waiting room are constantly playing shows kids like and the large inventory of toys in the waiting room will keep your child entertained while you fill out forms.

    Nothing compares to the services and environment provided by a pediatric dentist when it comes to taking care of your child's oral health. 

    Nothing compares to a kids dentist

    Thinking of children as small adults could not be more misleading. Getting an infant to stay still in a dental chair is a lot different than working with an adult. Patience is not a virtue people develop early on, and not all dentists have the communication skills needed to get a child to cooperate during a treatment.

    The specialized training kids dentists have goes a long way when it comes to treating a child while simultaneously making it a positive experience. Your child will not just get the dental care they need at a pediatric dentist. They will also learn to see a trip to the dentist as a fun activity to look forward to.

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